My Method

I’m much more concerned about Biblical Theology (the text’s questions) than Systematic Theology (our questions). The Bible already has hundreds of sermons God is trying to preach. The tendency is that we aren’t patient enough to follow how the author is building his case through an entire book of the Bible. The unfortunate result is that we end up replacing the message the Bible is trying to communicate with something we consider more relevant. The travesty is that this new sermon often irreparably obscures the original message. Here, I want to take up the sermons in the Bible, and shout them with the little literary merit I can muster, and let them stand as they are. To this end, I believe that in order to correctly interpret any verse, it must be seen in the light of the central theme of each book in which it occurs. There is a place and time for connecting the dots between books of the Bible and synthesizing a larger truth system of theology, but this is the dessert after the meal, and should only be attempted after each authors’ message can be individually discerned and digested.